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What Makes this Session The Best one on The Subject?

The session will cover two elements, the first, how to protect yourself from someone selling you a product that is not suitable for you, and the other one is to impress upon the importance of investing and how to do it yourself without any intermediaries, by learning simple, logical and easy-to-learn concepts and tools. Some of the topis that will be discussed in detail are as follows:

1. How someone who is working in a full-time job, has little or no understanding of finance, has no interest or time to follow the market or financial news, can invest their money in the best available financial products, INDEPENDENTLY.

2. How to PROTECT oneself from falling into the investment traps laid by an army of commission-based agents, distributors or bank representative selling risky and poor return products that earn the sellers the highest commission?

3. Who is a WEALTHY person? The real and practical definition may surprise you.

4. How to arrive at the “REAL” Return on Investment, not the RETURN that is displayed on the product brochures and marketing materials of the product?

5. What are the biggest investment MISTAKES or Investment TRAPS and how to avoid them?

6. Do you really need an Investment Advisor’s services?

You will get a step by step action points starting from how to find your net-worth and saving potential and up to creating a Financial Plan that is specific to your needs. 


About The Trainer:

Khalid A Khan is a bestselling author of “How to Avoid Investment Traps: A Guide to Independent Investing”. He is a Business Consultant and Financial Educator. Khalid holds a Degree in Engineering and a Diploma in Business Management. Earlier in his professional career, Khalid was in Information Technology space for 15 years in consulting and accounts management. He worked for Global financial leaders such as Allstate Insurance and CNA in the USA, John Hancock, Manulife in Canada, Citibank Singapore, CSC and Syntel Inc., after starting his career with TATA's in Jamshedpur. Khalid co-founded Brainchild Business Solutions in 2007 after returning from US. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience on how one can avoid the investment traps and invest systematically without any intermediaries. Currently he works out of his South Mumbai office and can be reached at

Who should attend:

This is as useful for a salaried person as to those in self-employment, working on contracts in various sectors including Construction, IT, and also for those in Cinema and entertainment where the money comes and goes at far greater pace.


Khalid A khan


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